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LIKE to LOOKS - Book 54 - Know Your Bible

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Language: English

Pages: 448

Publisher: Jerome Goodwin; 1 edition (May 31, 2011)


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KNOW YOUR BIBLE is a comprehensive and detailed encyclopedia of Bible Understanding in 92 volumes with 350 pages in each volume. It is the most comprehensive and beautifully formatted Bible encyclopedia you will ever use. It has 9,056 extensive articles covering every person, place, thing, event, animal, place, country, land, nation, priest, king and prophet etc. within the Bible record. It contains detailed overviews of all 66 Bible books. It also contains thousands of spiritual word study articles covering every occurrence of a given spiritual word with explanations and background. Each numbered volume contains roughly 350 pages and each volume costs $3.00. If it is found within the Bible record, you will find abundant information concerning it within KNOW YOUR BIBLE!

KNOW YOUR BIBLE is all beautifully formatted in color, and it uses standard colors to denote various textual aspects like article names and sub-headings, foreign language words, definitions and bibliography. It shows in thousands of places, different Bible translations that concur with a certain reading or understanding. All 231,000 scriptural references within the entire work are already looked up for the reader, and set apart in formatting, so as to show the difference between God’s words and men’s. It makes Bible study and research a delight. You will never again have to hunt around to find material in support or proof of any point, and you can speak with authority on any Bible subject.

KNOW YOUR BIBLE is clear of excessive punctuation and abbreviations and is designed for the reader, with clear text, consistent color formatting and large enough print to read easily. It has definitions of all words, most in their native languages, like Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Latin and English. Foreign words are always shown in context to aid the reader to see how to understand many verses. It uses a modern language literal translation in English to show all referenced scriptures. It is a direct translation from the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, and it is easily understood. Yet any translation can be used for all the scriptural references are also given.

KNOW YOUR BIBLE covers 29,011 pages and 1.35 million lines of text. It has been divided into 92 volumes to make it easier to get at the correct information quickly. Readers may use the KNOW YOUR BIBLE MASTER INDEX, which is $0.99, to see all of the Headings and Sub-headings within the entire INDEX (337 pages), and to find articles of interest, and which volume their search word may be found within. Just search by typing KNOW YOUR BIBLE INDEX in the search form to download the INDEX or search for KNOW YOUR BIBLE to see all of the different volumes. The (~) Headings are the articles and the (••) Headings represent the subheadings within articles. The (203) numbers represent the number of lines of text within each article. Readers may buy the Books comprising this library one at a time or the entire book altogether, their choice. Please take the time to download a sample of one of the BOOK files, for it is the most comprehensive and beautifully formatted Bible encyclopedia you will ever use.

Other fine books by this author in 6 series are;
A Commented Study Bible With Cross References (77 Volumes)
An Exhaustively Cross Referenced Bible (66 Books)
Digital Concordance (101 Volumes)
Know Your Bible (9,056 Articles)
All The Bible Teaches About (500 Key Bible Articles)
Key Themes And Bible Teachings (A Bible Subject Index in 58 volumes)

It is the sincere hope of the author that KNOW YOUR BIBLE will contribute mightily to making the Bible itself an open book, one well understood, thus bringing about unity. It is a valuable reference for Christians who want to study deeply the true teachings of the Bible, which writings are the basis of all true faith. It is designed for the layman, and does not require any pre-existing knowledge of the Bible to properly understand it.

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